I just received a belated Christmas gift – a (completely unsolicited) review of my book „Postkarte aus Bali…“ from a dear English friend. He’s a radar specialist and we were colleagues about 35 years ago in the quality assurance department of an aeronautics company. We remained friends after his return to England and see each other about once a year. He’s now in his 80s. Here’s his review.
„„Postkarte aus Bali … ein Kinderbuch für Ersachsene“!!
All the time that I worked in Germany, my colleagues always liked to practice speaking English with me!! I did manage to learn enough for everyday conversations in restaurants, Gasthofs etc. Then, having returned to full time English speaking in England, my German faded away.
Prior to my visits to see friends in Germany, I would listen to DVDs and read „teaching books“ but with limited success. Since Naomi Isaacs presented me with her book, I managed to read it through – there’s a lot in it to be appreciated. Now each time I’m about to travel, I take out this book and read it aloud to myself, getting quicker and quicker as my German recovers. It’s a lovely, clever book of stories with a comprehensive vocabulary. The lovely drawing/pictures illustrate the stories and add confirmation to the images in one’s head.
The more I read this book, the more I realized it’s based upon a liftime’s experience and the underlining stories provide a much deeper educational value for its readers than they first imagined. Each time I re-read it I gain a deeper realisation of the author’s intention to pass on that lifetime’s experience. Obviously it’s very well conceived, thought through and the reader learns a lot by thinking what’s behind simple fairy tales.“

N.W. 16.12.2016

Such a joy. Thank you N.W. What a beautiful Christmas gift!