Naomi Susan Isaacs

Leading Charismologist, TEDxSpeaker,
International Coach & Trainer, Jazz Singer, Author

Known in Germany and internationally as a dynamic and innovative coach and trainer, she supports people from all walks of life in their quest to restore the knowledge of their self-worth, to strengthen their voices and to re-ignite their natural charisma.

Born and raised in London, Naomi began her professional life as a secondary school teacher in the ”Black Country“, the industrial Midlands of Great Britain. Parallel to this she gained a reputation as folk singer in the many folk clubs of the 1960s.

On relocating to Munich in 1968 she embarked on a successful career in business until, in 1985, she decided to return to the stage, this time as jazz singer. Audiences in Europe, USA and Canada received her enthusiastically and the press accredits her with: “disarming honesty and authenticity”, and “a captivating presence”.

During this period she discovered her passion for teaching and in 1990 founded the New Vocal Center for tuition and workshops „with, for and about the voice“. Since 1998 she has travelled extensively, coaching singers and speakers in many parts of the world.

A dedicated, innovative and highly-qualified educator, she readily shares her profound knowledge and experience with stage performers, business executives, seminar leaders, in short: all whose profession places high demands on voice, authenticity, stage presence and audience connection.

In January 2018 she founded the Institute of Charismology, focusing on the original meaning of the word “Charisma”: the divinely bestowed or unique gift/core talent. In addition to her own workshops, Isaacs presents guest speakers and coaches whose particular field of expertise contributes to the charismatic growth of her students.