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Need more motivation? Can’t connect easily with clients?
Have unwanted relationships in your life?
Want to change all that?

World renowned author and coach Simon Sinek,
creator of the Golden Circle Principle, says
“Start with WHY!”

An exploratory „excavation“ nearly always reveals that our true motivation for doing something, our WHY, lies deep, often buried in a forgotten moment in our personal history.

It is always connected to a crucial experience or key moment in our lives.

We  will  discover  these  moments and transform them into empowering motivators!

Know your „WHY“
When you know “WHY”, “HOW” and “WHAT” become clear.

  • I strongly recommend you repeat this workshop after a short while in order to drill down, deepen your insights and anchor them more securely.


18:00h  Meet&Greet with light refreshments and nibbles
18:30h  Workshop begins
21:30h   Workshop ends
22:00h  Event ends

• number of participants: max: 8


Participation: € 95,00 incl. MwSt (German VAT)
Repeat participants (in either language) receive 10% discount.

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