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Were you once a child? Then you have Charisma!

Did you know that every child is born with something that it knows or can do without ever having to learn it?

The ancient Greeks called this Something „Charisma“ or „the divine gift“.

In this workshop* I will show you:

  • how to recognize and name your „divine gift“
  • how this will boost your self confidence
  • how to use this knowledge to ramp up your well-being and success going forward


  • I strongly recommend you repeat this workshop some time later in order to drill down, deepen your insights and anchor them more securely.


18:00h  Meet&Greet with light refreshments and nibbles
18:30h  Workshop begins
21:30h   Workshop ends
22:00h  Event ends

• number of participants: max: 8


Participation: € 95,00 incl. MwSt (German VAT)
Repeat participants (in either language) receive 10% discount.

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